OEDIV Customers-Service

For our customers, we have provided a service area.

OEDIV KG - Remote access

Remote access via the OEDIV support is provided via the web-based remote support software TeamViewer available.

With the software TeamViewer our employees can use the Internet to your system to access, if necessary, also interactive support on your screen.

The TeamViewer client can be downloaded directly from our website and be started completely without installation. After entering your TeamViewer ID incl. Password to your support partner remote access is enabled on your system.

Please click here to download the TeamViewer client download:

HR Programme und Formulare

Here you can download customer OEDIV HR programs and forms that are provided by the HR department is available to them.

VPN client software and instructions

Here you can download as OEDIV service documentation and the program for the VPN access.