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Make or Buy

A free offer to prospective customers

When it comes to discussing optimization measures in a company, the question “make or buy” is often raised. The choice between in-house or outsourced operations is a strategic decision that has to be taken in light of company goals. The central point is to focus on the core skills of your company.

In many companies, a big part of the IT budget goes into hardware operation, maintenance and support. Because of this there is a growing demand to host some or all IT services externally. Avoid making your own investments in data center infrastructures.

But how do you make a decision about a project of this type? What is the right solution for your company? Should you begin by outsourcing individual services selectively, or do you put all your systems into the hands of a computer service center? Perhaps hardware outsourcing is out of the question for you at the moment, but is outsourcing the support and basic services a possibility? In this case, should a project start with individual remote services?

We would be happy to provide our support, at no charge, to help you find the right answers to these questions and identify a solution tailored to your needs that above all, considers the benefits for your company, as well as achieving cost optimization.