Data Center Security

OEDIV operates the systems in two active, highly available, physically separated data centers. The same applies to the high performance, redundant storage and backup systems. Data backups are constantly replicated by both data centers.

At OEDIV, incoming data lines follow two different paths so that if one path goes down, the other path ensures that production can keep running.

To avoid any downtime caused by external events, additional precautions are in place such as:

  • Extinguishers and fire prevention through oxygen reduction
  • Access control with security chambers
  • Uninterruptible power supply with emergency power blocks for backup in case of power cuts or brownouts.

OEDIV's complete data center infrastructure is secured by a complex monitoring procedure.

In addition to guards for external building security, the infrastructure is also guarded directly.

Subject to German privacy laws, so that data access by investigating authorities can only occur by judicial decision.

The data centers themselves are evaluated and audited in detail with respect to their infrastructural and technological characteristics by a separate and independent certification organization (TÜV Rheinland). This has resulted in our certification as a secure data center.

Furthermore the effectiveness of the measures taken are regularly audited and documented for compliance with ISAE3402 and ISO27001.

We would be happy to give you more information about the design, control and security measures with a tour through the data centers.