Cloud solutions to suit your needs

There is no single cloud strategy that fits every company. Which cloud-based solution is the most expedient and effective depends mainly on the internal IT processes and management’s requirements. Our broad portfolio boasts diverse cloud solutions to cater for various requirements. We will be pleased to advise you on what is the best solution for your company.

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Service level agreements for the very highest requirements

We can ensure different service level agreements that also meet the very highest requirements thanks to our specific platform architectures, flexible and scalable storage classes, data mirroring, clustering, disaster recovery concepts and operating standards complying with ISO 27001 and ITIL.

It goes without saying that we take Microsoft’s licence conditions into account; thanks to our Provider Licence Agreement, we are also able to offer you various options for licensing operating systems and applications.

As a result, we provide you with a customised solution that meets your needs – one that enables you to start using services, applications and infrastructures at our data centres in Germany and thereby reduce the workload on your IT.

Overview of our solutions

Maximum security, flexibility and efficiency in the private cloud

Thanks to our range of different platform servers, we not only centralise your Microsoft infrastructure, but also offer server hosting as a scalable service.

Our platform servers are implemented as virtual or physical servers and customised to suit your requirements, taking into account our tried-and-proven operating standards. Our central data centre infrastructure, which meets the very highest security requirements, is used in that. High availability of the services is ensured in air-conditioned data centres with reduced oxygen levels and multiple backup power systems, as well as by our qualified staff who are on hand to provide round-the-clock support in response to incidents.

You can deploy and operate your custom databases and applications on your own in our infrastructure. Our private cloud delivers a high degree of flexibility, lower running costs and outstanding quality – and in particular optimum responsiveness. It also ensures a high level of security, since no one can access this cloud externally.

In addition, we operate IBM Power, AS/400 and IBM mainframe systems – platforms that are still reliable, stable and powerful. Even if your experts retire, that should be no reason to have to replace these operating systems.

You let us host your hardware and operating system – and benefit from experienced employees on hand to help you, as well as our high-quality service. Moreover, we can also develop your customised application further and document that.

Managed services for hybrid cloud solutions

More and more German companies are discovering the benefits the public cloud has to offer in addition to outsourcing. Yet how is it possible to comply with the requirements for data storage in Germany, data protection regulations under the GDPR or service levels under German law when public cloud offerings are used?

Our hybrid cloud architecture lets us unite the advantages from both cloud worlds for you: Benefit from a combination of a public cloud and our own data centres as a private cloud.

Capacities can be added or reduced again flexibly, while this division into a private and public cloud ensures your sensitive company data and applications in your internal network are protected against unauthorised access.

We support you with technology consulting and implementation in setting up and using hybrid cloud scenarios based on our managed services in conjunction with Microsoft Azure or Microsoft 365.

Develop and deliver applications quickly and easily

Digitalisation, as well as changing customer expectations and market conditions, mean that companies need to be highly adaptive. Agile software solutions and a short time to market are necessary to keep pace with these dynamic changes. That is why microservice software architectures and container technologies based on a Kubernetes infrastructure are the perfect solution for your software developers. However, that involves a paradigm shift that poses major challenges for many IT departments, especially if that entails migration to the cloud.

Our Managed Kubernetes Private & Public Cloud service is the foundation to enable your software developers to create and deploy outstanding applications for your own organisation or for your customers. We take care of managing the necessary components and operating Kubernetes, ensuring that your applications are scalable and highly available for your customers 24 hours a day, seven days a week. You save time and resources and so your software developers can focus fully on their primary activity: developing. CI/CD integration speeds up development even further and increases the quality of software – and lets you control when to provide your customers with applications and updates.

Your advantages:

  • Strong control over costs thanks to an on-demand infrastructure
  • High degree of stability and automation, with redundancy and fault tolerance
  • Short deployment times thanks to a fully automated design
  • Integrated infrastructure and end user monitoring, including 24/7 operating
  • Services for backup, logging, secrets management, container registry, DNS, CDN and storage
  • High level of quality in developing your applications thanks to continuous integration and continuous deployment (CI/CD)
  • Significant competitive advantages from maximising the speed at which you can develop and deploy your applications