Leverage the potential of big data efficiently

Forecasts on future revenues or product sales can be created conveniently and at no effort with our Managed Forecast service. We use cutting-edge data science methods to interpret your historical customer data, recognise patterns and make precise predictions.

If you are already one of our SAP customers, the data required for that can be automatically supplied from your SAP systems and updated regularly. It goes without saying that other data sources can be integrated – to achieve higher-quality forecasts, your time series are enriched with all relevant data. Various forecast models are automatically created and compared with the aid of artificial intelligence. The best-suited method is selected here on the basis of the data’s structure and quality. Customised training of the artificial intelligence to suit your needs enables continuous improvements in forecasting.

Your major advantage as our customer: We draw up the concept and select the data in a joint workshop. We then take care of the rest – setting up the servers and data links and generating the individual forecasts. You can keep on working as usual without any restrictions, but can now take decisions right away on the basis of more precise data.

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Your advantages:

  • Simple integration with existing systems
  • Time and cost savings thanks to more precise forecasts
  • Guaranteed data security in our data centres in Germany
  • Use of the latest data science methods, such as machine or deep learning
  • The solution can be used in a wide range of areas (e.g. sales, personnel, warehouse or logistics planning)
  • Better forecasting by including available external data (e.g. weather, stock market data, etc.)
  • A one-stop shop: Infrastructure, data integration and data analysis