Highly available IT applications anywhere

Designing a modern workplace is the right answer to the challenges digitalisation entails for enterprises. Especially in view of the steady increase in digital data exchange, what is needed is customised solutions that can be used from anywhere and, not least, are secure so as to enable smooth communication between different users, such as employees, management, business partners and customers. We offer small and midsized companies perfectly fitting all-round solutions for digital collaboration of today and tomorrow.

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The requirements digital business solutions must meet

The availability of IT-based applications is an increasingly crucial factor as part of fully integrated business solutions.

On top of that comes a greater need for mobility and flexibility. Management, employees and perhaps even business partners are to be able to use applications, data and information at the workplace, as well as access them from different mobile devices anytime, anywhere.

Not only are the company’s own mobile devices used for business purposes, but in some cases private devices, too. Apart from the technical challenges, it is therefore also necessary to consider compliance and information security demands.

Secure and scalable services

We deliver secure and scalable services so as to provide IT workplaces with the applications and data defined by you – anytime, anywhere and on any device.

Thanks to a high degree of scalability and functional reliability, you benefit from rapid setup of workplace systems, as well as from low maintenance costs. Moreover, less need for maintenance and calculable costs for deployment and recovery mean a low total cost of ownership and reliable cost planning.

We not only provide you with the technical infrastructure, but also ensure end-to-end operation of it. To enable that, we analyse your requirements together with you and provide you with comprehensive support – from consulting and planning, deployment of the infrastructure, desktops and applications, to operation and regular updating of the services.

To demonstrate how we can provide desktops and applications and so that you can test their usability live, we offer to conduct a customised proof of concept (PoC) for you.

Overview of our solutions

Digitalisation with Microsoft 365

Microsoft 365 is the all-round solution that unites innovative Office applications, intelligent cloud services and a high level of security for you. We have long experience in accompanying customers as they move to the Microsoft 365 cloud on their path to digitalisation. As part of that, we usually pursue a hybrid approach so that we can leverage the new possibilities offered by the cloud along with the existing IT landscape and so reap maximum benefit for you as the customer. We will be pleased to share our knowledge and experience from successful customer projects with you, too. As a certified Microsoft Cloud Solution Provider (CSP), we supply you with everything from a single source:

  • Workshops
  • Consulting, planning and creation of a detailed concept
  • Implementation
  • Migration of on-premise services, such as Exchange or Skype for Business Server, to the cloud
  • Provision of Microsoft 365 licensing plans (CSP)
  • Tenant management
  • Support

As part of consulting and planning, we can combine Microsoft 365 with further solutions and managed services from our portfolio. That means solutions to suit your needs can be developed, implemented and operated.

Our Microsoft 365 support is provided by our own experienced experts based in Germany. We always address requests and reported incidents right away with an eye to finding a solution. If necessary, we escalate tickets directly to the right place at Microsoft.

Your advantages:

  • We boast Microsoft experts with many years of experience from various customer projects
  • Ready-made workshops and solution components guarantee quick results
  • A one-stop shop for cloud-based Microsoft products
  • Competent and qualified Microsoft 365 support from Germany

Tailor-made Exchange Hosting service

Most enterprises now use Microsoft Outlook and Microsoft Exchange for e-mail communication. By letting us host Microsoft Exchange for you, you not only reduce the complexity involved in IT operation, but also delegate some of the responsibility for that task to our qualified, experienced administrators.

In times of junk mail and massive virus attacks, the mail service is a very sensitive issue. By using mature spam and anti-malware filters on the mail gateway, we make sure your company stays protected and save you precious time in handling mails.

We offer our Exchange Hosting service in various performance and availability classes. We work with you to ascertain what solution is right for your individual needs.

Supplementary and optional services such as auditing, ActiveSync, disclaimers, and e-mail archiving and encryption round out our range of services for you.

The extensive all-round solution for modern, digital collaboration

Microsoft Teams is a smart platform with a wide range of functions – an all-round solution for modern interaction and collaboration. Quick digital exchange of a wide range of different data and content simplifies everyday communication between internal staff or with outside business partners. Documents can be jointly and simultaneously edited, commented simply and structured in a clear way. Alongside that, you can plan meetings, chat or phone with colleagues or business partners, or hold video conferences. One advantage for you is that Microsoft Teams can be used in a browser or very conveniently with the app that is available for various platforms.

Leverage our know-how in the Microsoft arena and our many years of experience from diverse customer projects. Backed by our expertise, we can help you in planning and migration, supply Microsoft licences and provide support after Microsoft Teams goes live.

We offer you a modular portfolio comprising workshops, consulting, managed services and technical support so as to satisfy your individual requirements as best possible.

Your advantages:

  • All-round solution for modern communication and collaboration
  • Modern, intelligent workplace of the future
  • Ability to work from anywhere
  • Constant access from any end-user device
  • Reduction in the workload on your own IT
  • A one-stop shop: Consulting, planning, implementation and support

Enable secure access to applications, desktops and data from anywhere

The modern workplace is a central digital platform that allows you to provide information, data, applications and services securely, in a tailored manner and anywhere. As a result, users can collaborate in a business context, share information and use it optimally in conjunction with company applications. The users can be employees, external partners, customers or suppliers. Typical scenarios:

  • Central provision of applications and data
  • Integration of external employees, small locations and home offices in the work organisation
  • Use of Windows applications on tablets, etc.
  • Measures to ensure business continuity management
  • Public and private cloud integration
  • Centralisation of applications

Together with you, we analyse all aspects of the modern workplace – from integration into the existing IT landscape, provision of applications, storage and access to data and documents, to licensing, operation, support and maintenance. Taking your individual requirements as our starting point, we develop solutions that are tailored perfectly to your needs. In doing so, we leverage standardised solution modules, implement them and support you in productive operation.

Your advantages:

  • Holistic procedural model (including a continuous improvement process)
  • Expertise acquired through many years of cross-sector experience from diverse customer projects
  • Access anytime, anywhere and from just about any device
  • Consistent software versions for all users (application lifecycle and patch management)
  • Rapid and flexible deployment of new workplaces and applications
  • Reduction of the workload on your own IT at calculable costs

Secure data exchange for your enterprise

We offer enterprises a secure data exchange and synchronisation solution in the shape of our cloud service. It fulfils users’ demands for mobility and collaboration, as well as the company’s data security and compliance requirements. Reap the advantages of a holistic procedural model with services ranging from consulting and solution design, piloting and implementation, to operation and support, including a continuous improvement process.

Our service is implemented on the basis of the Citrix Content Collaboration Advanced technology (formerly called Citrix ShareFile Enterprise) with a StorageZone managed by us. The data is stored in our data centres in Germany. One typical scenario is the provision and exchange of data and information in the form of files.

Your advantages:

  • Holistic procedural model (including a continuous improvement process)
  • Many years of cross-sector experience from diverse customer projects
  • Access to files and data anytime, anywhere and from just about any device
  • Data storage in our data centres in Germany

Our data backup solution for your Microsoft 365 services that have greater protection requirements

The Microsoft 365 services are equipped with mechanisms that protect against the failure of hardware, the infrastructure or even a data centre. These mechanisms include near-real-time data mirroring to a redundant location within your chosen region, with the result that data is always stored geo-redundantly at multiple locations. In addition to that, Microsoft 365 offers several integrated features and options for data recovery, such as the Recycle Bin or the online archiving functions. However, these solutions do not offer protection against inadvertent deletion of data by users or viruses, malware, hacking or ransomware attacks on them. Moreover, the integrated data recovery functions and options in Microsoft 365 usually do not meet statutory, contractual or your personal protection requirements.

We therefore offer you a complementary cloud backup solution for Microsoft 365 services that is based on the product from our partner AvePoint. The backups are stored in one of the Microsoft data centres in the region where your Microsoft 365 tenant is also located. All the data is encrypted at your end before being transferred and stored in the backup. That is done either using a randomly generated password provided by means of the software or with a password you choose.

Your advantages:

  • Comprehensive, worry-free protection against inadvertent deletion of data by users and viruses, malware, hacking or ransomware attacks on them
  • Additional protection thanks to encryption of your data
  • A level of protection stipulated by the law, contractually or under other compliance requirements
  • Complementary cloud backup solution for Microsoft 365 services, such as Exchange, Teams and others
  • A one-stop shop: Planning, setup, instruction and support