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With our specific platform architectures, scalable storage classes, data mirroring, clustering and disaster recovery concepts as well as our ISO27001 and ITIL operating standards, different SLAs can be provided to meet the most stringent requirements.

Naturally we also take the Microsoft license conditions into account and can offer various license options for operating systems and applications thanks to our Provider License agreement.

This way we make it possible to offload your own IT service by having an individual point of origin in our German data centers, for services, applications and infrastructures tailored to your requirements.

With Windows, Linux or AIX platform servers, OEDIV provides you not only with the technical infrastructure but also takes care of basic operations like monitoring, backup and recovery, virus protection, and patch management for the corresponding operating system. Additional optional services like auditing, Internet DMZ, load balancing, ADS, PKI and hybrid cloud complete the spectrum of services that we offer.

More information about Cloud:

„Whether the cloud is private or hybrid, we can work with you to find the services that best fit your needs.“

Nicole Kloss