Our Services

Enterprise Network Integration

To provide your services, we offer you virtual network environments tailored to your needs by operating a flexible and scalable network for you. IP address ranges can be used individually through your own routing instance so that services in the OEDIV data centers are optimally integrated into your existing network infrastructure.

In addition we provide you with next-generation security functions like intrusion detection/prevention, application control, or DoS prevention. We take care of consultancy and maintenance of security configurations as well as firewall rule sets, and we also support you in heightening the security level to protect services that are critical to your business.

With Enterprise Integration, services that are directly accessible from Internet can be set up in a virtual demilitarized protection zone (DMZ) specially adapted to your needs. For secure Internet communication, we operate a two-level firewall architecture in compliance with German Federal Office for Information Security (BSI) regulations.

Our network security concept is regularly reviewed and upgraded through audits, penetration tests, and ISO 2001 certification to meet the growing demands put on the security of information processing components.