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Human Resource Services

As well as taking care of your IT systems and the related infrastructure, we also offer you comprehensive management of your payroll accounting.

We take care of operating the hosting of fully automated payroll software from leading manufacturers as well as the corresponding data backup, maintenance and application management. You give us full responsibility for the accounting system while naturally you retain responsibility for your personnel.

As payroll experts we have specialized know-how.

Among our strong points are: direct contact persons, flexibility and training in working with the current laws, regulations, and wage agreements. In the framework of our BPO service, you also have the possibility of transferring both the entry and checking of all payroll data to us.

We can handle all the printed output as part of our output management service.

„Your accounting system is in good hands with us throughout the whole process, from management of the application to printout and mailing“

Simona Ivanescu