Secure control of access to data, applications and devices

Our software solution for identity and access management allows you to control centrally who can access what data, applications and devices. The software, which is provided by OEDIV SecuSys GmbH, is enabled upstream of your systems and so controls the permissions centrally for all of them. All employees and their permissions and resources are administered from this central point. That can be done within a static organisational structure or in dynamic structures, such as teams and projects.

Permissions are grouped into roles, which makes access control transparent and much simpler. Employees or their supervisors can apply for these permissions and roles on a self-service portal, after which any approval is granted in automated form. Generic standard processes enable you to achieve quick successes in many respects in terms of automation and in joiner, mover and leaver processes.

You can see at all times who is allowed to do what, where and when and who has granted approval for that. This data is historicised, thus reducing the risk of liability on the part of board members and executives. Suspicious activities and anomalies can thus be identified and risks avoided in advance. Our IAM solution enables management to provide auditors and the Internal Auditing department with information on an ad-hoc basis. So you are on the safe side!

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Your advantages:

  • Central access control
  • Simple permission management by means of roles
  • Lower costs thanks to less administration
  • Great efficiency as a result of process automation
  • Greater level of security
  • Quick and secure access by users to systems and resources
  • Compliance with obligations to furnish proof for auditors and Internal Auditing