More mobile devices means more IT security is a must

The increased use of mobile devices in the business arena automatically entails a higher security risk due to the possibility of third parties gaining unauthorised access to sensitive data – so IT security is vital. Our tailored solutions minimise security risks.

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Overview of our solutions

Minimise security risks

Greater use of mobile devices at companies also means greater risks to security from third parties gaining unauthorised access to internal data – a dilemma that is compounded if a bring-your-own-device policy is rolled out.

We offer you solutions that are customised to suit your needs in order to tackle potential security risks resulting from that and access to the Internet using the company’s own electronic devices.

Secure solutions for the use of mobile devices

Using smartphones and tablets is now part and parcel of our private life, and they have shaped the way we use applications, data and content. Now users expect a similar experience when using mobile devices in the business arena.

Suitable solutions are needed to fulfil those expectations and meet data protection, data security and compliance requirements.

One possible solution is our EMM Platform service, which allows you to administer and manage mobile devices, their applications and their data, while we ensure the platform stays up and running.

The EMM Platform service has a modular design and supports mobile device management (MDM), mobile application management (MAM) and mobile content management (MCM).

This service is set up and provided to suit your very specific needs and requirements.

Precisely tailored network environments

So that we can provide our services, we offer you customised virtual network environments in which we can operate a flexible, scalable network for you.

The IP address ranges can be used individually via your own routing instance, which means the services at our data centres are integrated optimally in your existing network infrastructure.

We also provide you with next-generation security features, such as intrusion detection/prevention, application control or DoS prevention. We provide consulting, maintain the security configurations and firewall rule sets, and so help you increase the level of security for your business-critical services.

In the case of enterprise integration, a virtual demilitarised zone (DMZ) customised to your needs can be optionally set up for services that have to be able to be accessed directly from the Internet. To ensure protected communication with the Internet, we operate a two-tier firewall architecture complying with the stipulations of the German Federal Office for Security in Information Technology (BSI).

Our network security concept is regularly reviewed and developed further, such as through recurrent audits, penetration tests and the ISO 27001 certification.