Efficient master data management and secure data interchange

The ability to handle processes using digital data is a must in the Information Age. That is not only true in private life, but in particular in the business arena. Whether master data management, export controls in business transactions or exchanging data with customs authorities – innovative solutions that make handling digital data efficient, transparent and secure are needed in a wide range of different contexts. Together with our cooperation partners, we deliver the right solutions for small and medium-sized enterprises.

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Overview of our solutions

Transparent master data management

To lay a good foundation for efficient business processes, enterprises need high-quality master data that is available at all times.

The best solution for that is master data management complying with international standards. We offer you a detailed overview of your master data, even if it is distributed throughout the company. Master data management allows errors in processes to be avoided and process steps optimised.

Solutions tailored to the needs of SMBs

We work with prestigious partners to offer you a solution for compliance screening and export controls in business transactions to suit the needs of small and midsized businesses.

Our compliance screening allows you to check addresses against the current, legally binding sanction lists or prohibition lists you yourself have created – regularly, quickly and easily.

Direct communication using the ATLAS procedure

In communication with the customs authorities, data generated in the SAP system is handed over and passed to a special communications infrastructure for exchanging data with the customs authorities.

Our customs clearance solutions allows you to communicate directly with the customs authorities using the ATLAS procedure. As part of that, export-related data is handed over and passed to the ATLAS Export Engine, a special communications infrastructure for exchanging data with the customs authorities. Our service comprises complete conversion and plausibilisation of the data, with connection to the customs network, as well as handling of technical and content-related transmission errors between our data centres and customs.