Security for Internet-based business processes

The Internet has become a vital component of business. Digital communication between employees, customers, service providers and business partners is increasingly the norm. Moreover, sensitive data is exchanged and can be accessed more and more over the web. Given that, it is particular necessary to plug digital security vulnerabilities and protect against cyberattacks. We will be pleased to advise you on what is the best solution for your company.

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Overview of our solutions

Secure and highly available connections

Your employees now need to access various company resources and applications. In addition, you may want to give business partners, customers or service providers selective, controlled access to IT services – each from a different client and from a wide range of different places around the world.

We operate highly available VPN gateways in our data centres for connecting customer locations over the public Internet via a VPN. The connection can be established by means of tunnel endpoints operated by the customer at its own locations.

Alternatively, the end-to-end connection can be operated by us. As part of that, we provide one or two VPN gateways for the location and support the components at our data centres as well as the tunnel endpoint at the customer’s location.

We can assist you with various Internet-based remote access service solutions that use different authentication methods. The solution that is just right for your needs is formulated in personal consultation with you.

Secure and direct Internet access – the basis for your digitalisation

More and more of your applications are being migrated to the cloud, and remote working is increasingly common for you and your employees – and that also means network security requirements change. Our Zscaler Internet Access service, which is based on the leading cloud security platform from our partner Zscaler, is the solution to that. We offer you a state-of-the-art solution approach in order to supply you as a user with cloud-based Internet and web security. The security infrastructure and functions are no longer local hardware appliances, but a central security platform in the cloud. You obtain everything from a single source: From planning, proof of value and implementation, to provision of licences and support in productive operation.

The cloud security platform delivers protection functions, such as URL and content filters, inline anti-virus and anti-spyware and threat protection, and creates transparency on usage by means of dashboards and regular reporting. It also meets all requirements relating to multi-tenancy and data protection in accordance with the GDPR. It can also be optionally integrated in your existing SIEM systems. Direct access to the Internet – without any routing via headquarters as is usual with MPLS connections – is vital to ensure quick access to applications in the cloud. This approach is also officially recommended for rolling out Microsoft 365.

Your advantages:

  • Component for secure digital transformation
  • Secure Internet access from the cloud for all users and with central management
  • Solution that complies with data protection regulations
  • Direct Internet connections for using Microsoft 365 in line with Microsoft’s official recommendation
  • Costs, for example due to the fact that there are no MPLS costs and there is no longer the need to use and support local security appliances
  • A one-stop shop: Planning, implementation and support