Digital data interchange for maximum efficiency

Internal and external data interchange to enable digital networking of business processes is faster, more efficient and more accurate. Electronic data interchange (EDI) denotes the electronic transfer of business documents, such as orders, delivery notes and invoices. These documents are sent by partners to each other in the form of structured data and without any manual intervention.

We offer you a precisely fitting solution for your company in the shape of the Seeburger Business Integration Suite. You can choose between a separate tenant in the shared environment or a dedicated platform. Our flexible services allow you to manage your platform service with support from us as and when required or else to use OEDIV’s full managed service. Our EDI team will be pleased to help you if you have questions about operation, mapping, process consulting and many other topics.

E-invoicing in Germany and abroad is gaining in importance. We support you in relation to country-specific solutions, as well as the XRechnung and ZUGFeRD formats. OEDIV’s solution also enables internal networking of software solutions and complex interfaces to be implemented.

We also offer to create EDI guidelines and interface descriptions for you as a separate service. These guidelines can be used to standardise interfaces and integrate new partners with little effort. We create documentation in a partially automated manner and to suit your precise wishes using the GEFEG.FX tool.

We offer existing customers consulting in the SAP EDI arena, for example on the subject of setting up interfaces on the SAP side, migration, regular monitoring or process analysis, as well as on the general EDI standard in the market.

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Overview of our EDI solution